The first LED floodlight with built-in motion detection

Smartsense is a motion-sensing LED floodlight that combines home security and energy efficiency in a simple-to-install form factor. Smartsense replaces the need for additional motion detection fixtures and requires very low maintenance. During normal operation, Smartsense will turn on if it detects motion in the coverage area and remains lit for 90 seconds after no more motion is detected. With Smartsense, security is now as easy as screwing in a lightbulb.

  • LED floodlight with integrated high performance motion sensor

  • Intelligent sensing algorithm provides 90 seconds of light after motion detection

  • No additional motion detection fixture necessary

  • High-efficiency floodlight with low standby power consumption (0.2W)

  • Long lifetime with very low maintenance (25,000 hours)

  • 100° motion beam angle

  • Suitable for wet locations

Tech Specs
No wires, remote controls or power cords required
Energy-efficient LED (rated for 25,000 hours)
1,050 lumens, 3000K color temperature
Pyroelectric infrared sensor
100-120V AC, 50/60Hz
11.5W consumption while lit
Designed to fit in floor and table lamps (A66 format)
Standard E26 lamp base

My outdoor fixture already has a motion detector. Can I use Smartsense?

Smartsense cannot be installed on fixtures with existing motion detectors. Motion detectors cut power to the fixture when there is no motion while Smartsense needs the power to remain on at all times.

Do I need to keep the Smartsense powered on at all times? Does that waste electricity?

The power needs to remain on for Smartsense to operate. During standby detection mode, Smartsense consumes less than 0.2W, which is less than or equivalent to standard motion detection fixtures.

Is Smartsense waterproof?

Yes, the Smartsense is weatherproof and can be used outdoors.
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