The smart LED bulb with a built-in battery

Everbright provides light when you need it the most. During a power outage, Everbright can run off its internal backup battery for 3.5 hours so you don’t have to fumble around for a flashlight or try to remember where you put the matches.

Simply twist the Everbright in to any existing light socket and it will automatically charge the lithium-ion battery inside. Operate Everbright as you would a normal bulb and rest easy knowing that you will have light at all times.

  • 500 lumen LED with backup battery

  • During power outages, provides light via its backup battery for 3.5 hours

  • Built-in high performance lithium-ion battery

  • Intelligent battery-charging logic

Tech Specs
Lithium-ion battery with intelligent charging logic
No wires, remote controls or power cords required
Energy-efficient LED (rated for 25,000 hours)
500 lumens (40W equivalent), 3000K color temperature
100-120V AC, 50/60Hz
9W rated
Designed to fit in floor and table lamps (A66 format)
Standard E26 lamp base

What type of battery does the Everbright have?

Everbright contains a high capacity Lithium-Ion battery and can be discharged and recharged thousands of cycles.

How long does it take the Everbright to recharge?

From a fully depleted state, the Everbright will take about 6 hours to recharge once the power returns.

If the wall switch is turned off during a blackout, will the Everbright turn on?

The Everbright will remain off in this situation until you flip the switch. You can turn on and off the Everbright as you wish during a blackout.

From ions to lumens, everything you need to know about Everbright is right here.

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