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Know when to be on

The first LED floodlight with built-in motion detection, Smartsense transforms an ordinary floodlight fixture into an outdoor security light.

Automatic illumination

Twist Smartsense into any outdoor fixture to have an instant, automatic security light. When motion is detected within 30 feet, the bulb illuminates for 90 seconds

All about the bulb

  • Quick and easy setup

    Quick & simple set up Easily add each bulb using compatible hubs & apps.

  • Built-in timer

    Built-in timer 90 seconds of warm white LED light.

  • Bright as day

    Bright as day 1050 lumens of brightness.

  • Motion detection

    Motion detection 100° wide angle detection zone.

  • Energy efficient

    Energy efficient 11.5W power consumption while lit.

  • Weatherproof

    Weatherproof Suitable for outdoor conditions.

How Smartsense works


Screw in Smartsense bulb

Twist Smartsense into socket while power is off



Turn on power, Smartsense will calibrate for 40 seconds


Constant power, constant security

Keep the power on and enjoy automatic light around your home

Minimal effort, maximum coverage

No need to install fixtures with bulky motion sensors. Keep your house beautiful and your home secure.

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